Mission Partners

VictoryPoint has both local and global mission partners who receive our committed attention through volunteerism, donations, and/or financial support. Each partnership is unique, and while each may not look the same as the other, we believe God has placed these organizations on our hearts to warrant their priority as a Mission Partner for VictoryPoint.

The Buursma Family

Tom and Kristin are missionaries from VP who serve through World Team in the Philippines.

El Shaddai Church

A ministry in Haiti providing elementary-aged Christian education and summer programs to hundreds of children in Port-au-Prince.

Hope for Kids Mexico

Offering Christian based education to students in the poverty and drug-ravaged area of Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Kids Hope USA

Providing one-on-one mentoring to dozens of students at Great Lakes Elementary School in Holland, MI.

The Lothamer Family

The Lothamers began a church and a coffee shop they use as a platform for urban renewal, discipleship, and mission in Bicester, UK.

The Refuge Initiative

Refugees from all over the middle east are flocking to a valley in Northern Iraq where Billy Ray and team have built homes, schools, and vocational training centers to bless and serve the most vulnerable.

Vida Abundante

A Spanish-language church which shares facilities with VictoryPoint and meets there every Sunday at 1:00pm.