Firestarters Youth Ministry

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Firestarters Youth Ministry gathers middle/high school students together through a mixture of large group teaching, small group conversations, service opportunities, fun activities and trips/retreats. Firestarters seeks to create a relational environment where students will be both encouraged and challenged to grow as disciples of Jesus.

In the beginning, God created people in His own image. Humankind was born out of a dream in God’s heart, that we might look like Him and establish His Kingdom on this earth. Romans 8:29 says, “For those God foreknew He predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son”. Jesus Himself said “follow me…”.

At Firestarters we desire to become a people that live like Jesus in our homes, schools, sports teams and every other sphere of life we enter. God did not create us to be average people, merely going through the motions of life. Rather, He created us to be vessels of His Spirit, unleashing His love wherever we go and transforming the places that we enter. Jesus desires for us to be people that listen for His voice and follow where He leads us.

There is no “junior” Holy Spirit. There is no age limit to follow God. No prerequisites to seeing the sick healed and lost saved. All that God is looking for is a simple “yes” and faith in Him and Him alone. And that is exactly what we see in Jesus’ disciples, a group of teenage kids following the King of Kings, changing the world.

At Firestarters, we will be practicing hearing for Gods voice, learning what it means to be a child of God and asking God to make us more like Jesus! All middle school and high school students are invited to join us!

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