Create Your Own Virtual Gathering

Many of us want to connect, lead and gather people during the corona virus pandemic but don’t know how to host and lead virtual gatherings. We want to help you so that you can create gatherings of your own and continue to BE the church during this time.

Below are resources and tools designed to equip and assist you on that journey. We have ideas for creative ways to gather people virtually, resources to help you know how to use Zoom to gather people, and a form to let you publish your gathering online

Ideas for Virtual Gatherings

Want to connect with people but looking for ideas? The list below is intended to spark some creativity for you. For all of these ideas, take the opportunity to include people who don’t belong to VictoryPoint or who don’t know Jesus. Make it consistent, and keep it simple and short.

Zoom Gathering Ideas

  • Host a Missional Community worship gathering on Zoom (and use Breakout Rooms to foster discussion and prayer). Use this resource to guide you.
  • Host a game night on Zoom. Do a scavenger hunt to find items in the house. Or play your favorite game like The Game of Things, Celebrity, Charades, or use the whiteboard function for Pictionary.
  • Lead a discipleship huddle on Zoom. Use the Learning Circle to process kairos moments together.
  • Host story time for kids on Zoom. Parents can take turn reading children’s books to other kids.
  • Host a puppet show for kids on Zoom.
  • Host a happy hour, a coffee break, or afternoon tea on Zoom. Have everyone wear a hat, or a tie, or something fun. Kick off the time with a question for discussion.
  • Host a virtual fundraiser or food drive. Show a video from a non-profit, discuss the impact, and ask for donations.
  • Host Daily Prayer. Read a scripture passage, ask for prayer requests, and pray together.

Non-Zoom Gathering Ideas

  • Organize pen pals and write letters to each other.
  • Learn or challenge yourself with shared projects, such as learn to bake bread or paint with watercolors. Email each other pictures of the results.
  • Coordinate rhythms of rest and Sabbath. Pick a time slot and have your group agree to unplug during that time. End your Sabbath by reporting back to each other what it was like.
  • Read the same scriptures throughout the week and call each other on the phone or email your responses to the scripture.
  • Take turns sending daily email devotionals to the rest of the group. Include scripture verses, words of encouragement, youtube videos of worship songs, and/or prayer requests.

How to Host a Meeting on Zoom

Zoom is an online video conferencing tool used by business professionals, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and individuals. Much like Skype or Facetime, Zoom allows people to talk and see one another through internet video calls. The first step is to download Zoom on your computer.

Zoom FAQs

Publish Your Zoom Gathering

Once you’ve set up your Zoom gathering, use this form to let us know about it so we can help other VPers get connected .