Here is our plan for centralized gatherings over the next four months. Beginning September 20 we will meet weekly inside. Below are guidelines of what to expect:

What to Expect

  • Two Gathering Times: In order to reduce our numbers in the auditorium to accomodate for social distancing (and allow time for cleaning in between), there will be two gatherings each Sunday Morning. 
    • 8:45am
    • 10:30am
  • Kid Zone: As of right now there will be no child care or Kid Zone in September but we will be talking with parents and assessing options beyond that month.

Safety Procedures

  • Be Wise: Please stay home if you are sick or suspect you may have been in contact with sick individuals in the last two weeks. 
  • Distancing: The auditorium will be set up to maintain social distancing. Every other row in the auditorium will be roped off and not available for seating. Please sit at least 3 chairs apart from other groups in your row.
  • Face Coverings: Please wear a mask as you enter, exit and move about the building. Once you are seated and social-distanced in the auditorium, you are welcome to remove your mask for participation and singing, though you are also welcome to keep it on.
  • Physical Interaction:  Please honor others by not hugging, shaking hands or having physical contact.
  • Socializing:  All socializing should take place outside in the open air whenever possible.
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations: Please take advantage of the easy-to-find hand sanitizing stations available.
  • Coffee, Offering, Handouts: For now, there will be no coffee service, so be sure to bring your own. We will continue to use offering boxes to collect offerings. Additionally, we will not be utilizing an announcement handout, so be sure you are receiving the eNews.
  • Staying Flexible: As we begin to re-engage indoor gatherings and get a feel for how things go under current guidelines, and as these guidelines change, we will adjust the above plan and protocols accordingly.