Internships: Become the Leader You Were Created To Be

“The internship allowed me to invest in a local church community, while God continually formed me into the leader that he created me to be.”

Alec Breit, VP Intern 2014-2016

6-9 hrs
9 months

VictoryPoint Internships exists to develop young leaders through local discipleship and ministry experience so that they become leaders who embody the character and competency of Jesus.


We’re Brendan and Pete, and we are excited about developing young leaders. We’d love to meet with you to talk about how an internship at VP could help shape and develop you as a leader.

Get Experience

Discernment happens in context as we’re listening and reflecting on our lived experience. We’ll give you on-the-ground leadership experience and help you discern God’s calling in your life.

Belong in Community

Join a group of others in your stage of life who are asking the same questions and challenging one another in ministry and life. Do ministry in a church community that values development over delivery and experimentation over excellence.


Do ministry alongside a team of leaders who are actively investing in your development and who believe leadership is not simply about passing on information but about following Jesus in our day to day lives.


As part of a weekly discipleship group, you’ll learn how to listen to God’s voice in your life and respond as well as some practical frameworks to help you lead.


We won’t throw you into the deep end. Over 9 months you’ll enter a learning process that begins with watching, then helping, then accompanying, then leading.


Choose your ministry area and we will give you access to learn the skills and help you discern your leadership within this context. Ministry areas include

  • youth
  • worship
  • children
  • preaching/teaching
  • evangelism
  • missional communities
  • prayer/healing
  • pastoral care

How to Get Involved

It’s really easy…

  1. Let’s grab some coffee. Fill out the application form below to get started.
  2. Write a page about what this internship means to you and send it to us.
  3. Join us at American Char in September to kick off your internship journey!


(Due August 1)