Baptism is a chance to celebrate what God is doing in your life and respond with a commitment to live as a disciple of Jesus. 

We believe baptism is a sign of God’s deep and saving love for us. Christian churches today often practice either infant or believer baptism. At VictoryPoint we baptize by submersion older children, teens and adults who want to publicly commit their lives to Jesus Christ (“believer” baptism), and we also baptize (or dedicate) infants of families who commit to raising their children in the ways of Jesus (infant baptism). The waters of baptism do not guarantee salvation. Instead, baptism is an act of faith, a way of declaring God’s promises over someone. 

If you consider VictoryPoint your church home, and sense the call to baptism, whether for yourself or for your child, we are excited to talk with you and walk with you in this journey! You can begin the process by clicking here and we’ll be in touch with you.