“What was I created for?”
“Where is Jesus calling me next?”
“How do I put my faith into action?”

Hearing God’s call doesn’t come automatically for most of us. With all the other voices and distractions in our lives, it can be hard to hear God’s voice. As a result, many of us live day to day without a sense of  God’s call, leaving us feeling stuck and apathetic.

At the same time, we want to follow Jesus. We want our faith to come alive. We want to have a sense of purpose in our day-to-day life, knowing that our lives are participating in God’s kingdom work. In order to live like this, we need to take time and space against all other distractions to intently listen to God, the One who calls.

The Calling Lab is a course that guides you along the journey of discovering your calling by helping you listen to God about how He has made you, where He has placed you, and what you are called to do in response.

Welcome to the journey of discovering God’s call! 

Once you sign up for the Calling Lab, you’ll get…

  • Video content emailed to you once a week with attached exercises
  • The Calling Lab workbook to help you on your journey
  • Weekly video coaching calls with Brendan and others in the Calling Lab
  • Morning Devotions sent to your inbox to help you dig deep spiritually and listen to God

Here’s what is involved in a typical Calling Lab week

  • MONDAY – watch a 8 minute video on how personality affects your call and take a personality assessment. 
  • TUESDAY – spend 5 minutes reading and reflecting on Isaiah’s call story.
  • WEDNESDAY – join a video chat with others in the Calling Lab to talk about your questions and progress.
  • THURSDAY – read about Jesus’ baptism and reflect on what this story says about God’s heart
  • FRIDAY – SUNDAY – Sabbath rest.

All of this is designed to help you take time to hear Jesus’ voice calling you forward in mission. Sign up below and we’ll begin the journey of discovering God’s call in your life today.

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