"I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." (John 4:35).

There is a great opportunity in front of us! Consider what these past 14 months have included: a world-wide pandemic, social instability, racial inequality, financial instability and political incivility. Any one of these “storms” by itself is enough to get our attention in profound ways, but all of them at once! We may not all be in the same boat, but we've all been weathering the same storms. And life storms have a unique way of softening our hearts and opening us up to the things of God.

In this 4-part series called "Summer of Witness: The Great Opportunity" Hannah & Alex Absalom (Dandelion Resourcing) will be training the VP Family each week via video with principles from Scripture and practical tools and actions steps to equip everyone to intentionally lived as saved sent ones. As we "thaw" out of the pandemic let's not miss this great opportunity that is here, emerging and coming to be bold witnesses to the good news of the Kingdom of God to the people around us, inviting them into community and into relationship with Jesus. 

Week 1 - "Prayer" 

Week 2 - "Parties"

Week 3 - "Profound Conversations" 

Week 4 - "Presence of God"

"Parties" (note: the audio gets better after 20 seconds)

In week two of the series Alex & Hannah show us that Jesus ate with the lost and the broken. Who do we eat with? Who do we invite around our table, onto our deck, into our lives? What would it look like to regularly be intentional about inviting lost and broken people to "party" with us? How can we be intentional about making party a sacrament (a place where grace is found)? What kind of parties can you host? Click here for training notes. Click here for group discussion questions.

"Profound Conversations"

In week three of the series Alex & Hannah ground us in Colossians 4 and 1 Peter 3 and offer a simple visual tool along with practical ideas on how to intentionally "shift" from casual to meaningful to spiritual conversations with our lost friends. Click here for training notes. Click here for group discussion questions.

"Presence of God"

In the fourth and final week of this series Hannah & Alex remind us that all followers of Jesus are sent by Jesus on mission (Luke 6:6-13) and that praying with someone gives that person an opportunity to experience the presence of God (Matthew 18:20). Click here for training notes. Click here for group discussion questions.