Andrew Murray, Watchman Nee, Oswald Chambers, Lloyd Christmas

The best food in the world

Anything authentically Mexican! (Margaritas, Rosies, and Taqueria Arandas (new favorite!)

The world would be a better place if

More people played the banjo


I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, came to faith in Christ at age 17 in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, moved to Holland in 1983 to attend Hope College, and graduated in 1987 with a major in “I wanna play in a rock band.” Did that full time for five years (w/ Grooters & Beal), led worship at Hope College for 12 years, led worship at Central Wesleyan Church for another 12 years, and then… I bumped into pastor Matt at Buffalo Wild Wings, which led me here. I’m excited to be on mission with this great team here at VP!