A quote that has forever altered the the way I invest my life is this one by Mike Breen: “If you seek to build the church, you rarely get disciples; if you seek to make disciples, you always get the church.” I want to grow as a disciple and disciple-maker.

The best food in the world

Smoked meat! Chef Len at American Char is my BBQ hero (all his stuff is good!). Up north you want to try Primo’s BBQ! Add a walking taco as a side, a Peanut Butter Shipwreck from Captain Sundae or a blueberry donut from Bowerman’s for dessert, maybe a micobrew and you have yourself a “heaven on earth” kind of meal!

The world would be a better place if

…people didn’t take themselves so seriously (but took Jesus really seriously). Oh, and if every week was Tulip Time!


I was born and raised in Northern Michigan (the village of Lucas, near the town of McBain). Went to Hope College after high school, met my wife Tori when I started my first youth ministry job in 1992, and we were married in 1996. We have three children, Reese, Jacee and Levi, a golden doodle named Kenai and a tail-less cat name Cricket. We love downtown Holland and the beach. Would love to learn to play the banjo someday.