God’s kingdom is breaking through

Have you ever wondered how we got here as a church? Why does our Christian faith look so different from what we read in Acts? At VictoryPoint we are seeking to be the Church that God intended us to be by committing to inhabit 4 core practices to which the early church was devoted: The Word of God, Prayer, Fellowship and Breaking Bread. Join us on Sundays as we explore what it means to be Devoted to Breaking Bread.

Daily Readings


We believe discipleship happens in every stage of life and we are committed to intentionally discipling one another so we can learn to live like Jesus in our every day lives.


We believe God is bringing his reign to our community and inviting us to partner with him not simply as individuals, but together. We do this best through missional communities, groups that worship, does life together and join with God on mission in specific networks and neighborhoods in Holland, MI. 


We are blessed to have formed partnerships with local and global leaders who are welcoming refugees, healing body and spirit, empowering the marginalized, and sharing the earth-shaking gospel of Jesus.