God’s kingdom is breaking through

We believe Jesus is bringing the kingdom of God to earth and has invited us to join him on mission to restore and reconcile all creation. Contact us today so we can meet you, learn your story, and find ways of partnering together in revealing God’s kingdom on earth.

If you want to win a marathon, you are going to have to train for months. If you want to lose weight, you’ll have to discipline yourself to eat and exercise differently. Even though it’s hard, we train ourselves to reach goals. But when it comes to our spiritual lives, do we really have to train? Training doesn’t feel spiritual in the moment, but we look at Jesus we see him practicing and passing on to his disciples spiritual disciplines that not only spiritually shape them, but also set the stage for spontaneous breakthrough of God’s kingdom in their lives. Join us on Sundays at 10am for our series called Practicing His Presence, during which we will be exploring spiritual disciplines that prepare our heart soil for spiritual growth.


We believe discipleship happens in every stage of life and we are committed to intentionally discipling one another so we can learn to live like Jesus in our every day lives.


We believe God is bringing his reign to our community and inviting us to partner with him not simply as individuals, but together. We do this best through missional communities, groups that worship, does life together and join with God on mission in specific networks and neighborhoods in Holland, MI. 


We are blessed to have formed partnerships with local and global leaders who are welcoming refugees, healing body and spirit, empowering the marginalized, and sharing the earth-shaking gospel of Jesus.