The elder team has been nominated and affirmed by the church community to have the responsibility of general oversight of the church.

  • Kim Brown
  • Scott DeJonge
  • Lori DeVisser
  • Tom Joustra (sabbatical year)
  • Wendi Kapenga
  • Nancy Kloosterman
  • Brad Koning
  • Travis Vruggink
  • Matt Yount
  • Luis Zavala


  • Dwight Beal - Director of Worship

    Dwight spends a lot of his time with our musicians and audio visual team, helping them to develop their gifts, so that the rest of us can worship God through singing on Sunday mornings.


  • Brenda DeJonge - Director of Kids Hope USA

    Brenda helps members of VictoryPoint get the training and motivation they need to mentor students at Great Lakes Elementary School so they can make a difference in a child’s life.


  • Pam Dreyer - Office & Hospitality Coordinator

    Pam supports the staff with administration and helps the people at VictoryPoint feel welcomed through hospitality events.


  • Jill Fischer - Director of Children's Ministry

    Jill helps parents, kids and volunteers at Kid Zone children's ministry to follow Jesus as Family on Mission.


  • Karin Greenwood - Financial Administrator

    Karin helps the staff at VictoryPoint by keeping our finances in order so our ministries can continue to grow.


  • Earl Tieman - Operations Manager

    Earl helps keep things running smoothly behind the scenes so the staff and volunteers at VictoryPoint can continue to grow and develop.


  • matt yount - lead pastor

    Matt helps VictoryPoint keep the vision and mission central in all that we do so that we continue to experience and reveal the Kingdom of God in our families, our community and world.