We are a church of everyday people who don't want to simply "go" to church, but to BE the church everyday, where we live, work and play. Sunday morning gatherings are a great way to connect and worship, but we think following Jesus in life is so much more that! We need people in our lives the rest of the week who help us grow in our relationship with God, with others and to live on mission with. That's why missional communities are one of the most intentional ways we share and do life with others, and help each other be like Jesus and live like him. A missional community (MC) is a group of people who seek to know God’s love, treat each other as family, and pursue people together with God’s love. The focus of an MC is to reach new people with the gospel. We aren’t perfect, but we genuinely want the full life that Jesus lived, and that’s why we’re trying to live like him. Together. 

Missional communities eat together, play together, pray together, share resources and share mission together. 

See a list of our current Missional Communities by clicking here.